HLDJ won't work (only records voice)

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HLDJ won't work (only records voice)

Postby MetalDevil » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:13 pm

I've had HLDJ for years and have enjoyed it, at one point I sorta stopped using it and eventually got too the point where I deleted it. A year or two later, I have gotten myself re-interested in HLDJ for playing the music I love from it. Now I'm having trouble figuring out a problem I'm having with it. I've browsed the forums a little bit and try to use peoples comments to figure it out and administrators comments. I use windows 7, and I have audacity beta version 1.3.13 (which is the only version that will support windows 7 apparently.) I remember mostly on what to do to convert my music too an audio file that I created. Example: (when opening audacity, go to file, open, find a song you like, open it, split stereo track, at bottom left set project rate to 11025, remove bottom split audio track, set to mono, set the arrow on the left from the track to -18 or so, go to file export, find the audio file you created in HLDJ,hit save and ok and let it complete transaction). After all that is done I set HLDJ for counterstrike: source, open game i make sure I read the console and it says "HLDJ has loaded successfully". I type in "la" (list audio) it comes up with the music I have converted to it, I type in the corresponding number it's set to, it loads it, and I get nothing...no music from it all, all can hear is my voice when I talk. I've tried to type in "voice_loopback 1", "voice_inputfromfile 1" and "+voicerecord" which starts it, and still nothing comes up. and I look in the console again and I try to retype it and the console doesn't save it...I have to keep retyping "voice_loopback 1" and "voice_inputfromfile 1" and "+voicerecord" and yet, it doesn't save it to "1" it's always set too "0". I've checked for "voice_input.wav" I guess it would only appear when you have HLDJ and the game started when you look at the game directory you have it saved too when you minimize your game? I don't see it anywhere when I try to find it when I'm not in the game.
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Re: HLDJ won't work (only records voice)

Postby ||Bhop||Gravity » Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:53 am

Yes I've had the same problem i have HLDJ for 4 Years and I've found that turning off your mic will en-able it to work.
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