Version 1.4.5 Released!

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Version 1.4.5 Released!

Postby Renegade » Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:25 pm

HLDJ v1.4.5 is out!

I've now released 1.4.5 out-right instead of having to consistently direct people to using the current builds. Really, what was holding it back was the lack of complete documentation, but to be completely realistic, it's better released now than fully documented and released 2 years later.
Needless to say, this version incorporates many new features between it and 1.3.6 that are still remaining to be documented thorougly, which can be found through reading the manual/in-game docs, expirementation, and/or posting here.

Snippets from the changelog:
changelog wrote:This new version features a greatly improved Setup, making it even easier
for first-time users. In the new Setup, to save changes you must hit Ok
(hitting "Cancel" will discard any changes made). As a result of some shotty
workmanship on Valve's part, TF2 does not correctly implement the wait command,
so in order to view the updated audio list after changing audio directories
you may find you have to type "la" one more time.
+ added "Command Relay Key" to game profile to improve compatability with Team Fortress 2 (default key is "=")
+ first-time Setup is now even more easier
+ improved Add All:
- it no longer requires a game directory (searcher entire current drive)
- uses selected game as template (or last game in list)
- warns when 3rd-party Source mods are added
- displays a summary of results
+ added "Game" sub-menu to tray menu
+ commands are now unaliased after stopping HLDJ (hldjst).
+ changed Setup saving behaviour:
Ok - saves changes and exit Setup
Cancel - discard changes and exit Setup (setting.ini file is not written to)
+ removed confirm message for game removal
+ settings file name changed from "settings.ini" to "settings.hldj"
+ shortened HLDJ watermark in say info
+ updated icons
Bug Fixes:
+ fixed application becoming unresponsive during Add All
+ fixed displaying of filenames containing the following characters: ",;{}"
+ fixed Add All not finding Half-Life directory (valve dir)

Have fun, Play Responsibly, and Enjoy!
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HLDJ Developer
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