1.5.02 Beta Available

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1.5.02 Beta Available

Postby Renegade » Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:37 pm

HLDJ v1.5.02 Beta

As alluded to earlier, HLDJ 1.5.02 will now attempt to create hard or soft links when you select an audio file (rather than make a full copy). This not only results in more efficient disk usage, but more importantly, load times will become nearly negligible. For those who have entire albums or cycle through songs faster than weapons, this update should noticeably improve response times.
There are some limitations though, depending on the location of audio files and the operating system:
  • files on a network or flashdrive won't be linked
  • XP users should keep their audio files on the same volume as their games in order to benefit from hardlinking (XP does not support symlinks)
Be sure to upgrade to this new version!
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