HLDJ will not play audio files.

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HLDJ will not play audio files.

Postby OneHitAzura » Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:50 am

As you all know, HLDJ will have a LOT of problems occurr when trying to play music on a source game.
My problem is: I have converted them into .wav's and have made them 11025Hz via Audacity and still nothing works!

Please reply on anything i have missed whilst trying to fix HLDJ

1) Does HLDJ launch the game correctly for you?
-Yes indeed it does, no problems at all.

2) Does "HLDJ Loaded Successfully" appear in console on starting the game (with no errors)?
-Yes, but if then "Cannot load console code due to sv_cheats is not on" than no

3) What is the console output after selecting a song, or issuing other HLDJ commands such as "hldj_next"?
-It says it has successfully loaded *song name*

4) Create your own local server and set the appropriate sv_ commands (see above), then:
-I played in offline mode and still nothing

4-a) Load one of the sample audio files and perform a search of your Steam directory (without stopping HLDJ) for the file "voice_input.wav" - does it show up, and if so, where?
-It does not exist in my files
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Re: HLDJ will not play audio files.

Postby Renegade » Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:31 pm

After loading an audio file, open your game audio directory (for most games this is the parent directory of your game directory; see here for more info: http://hldj.org/manual/tips_tricks.html ... meaudiodir).
Verify again if voice_input.wav is present and if not, post screenshots showing:
- the contents of the folder
- the contents of the game folder
- the contents of the 'cfg' folder located in the game folder
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