I cant use the HLDJ

Help with using HLDJ

I cant use the HLDJ

Postby Magantur » Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:20 pm

1) Does HLDJ launch the game correctly for you? Yes
2) Does "HLDJ Loaded Successfully" appear in console on starting the game (with no errors)? Yes with "A". Nothing with "B"
3) What is the console output after selecting a song, or issuing other HLDJ commands such as "hldj_next"?
hldj_cmd_a.cfg successfully created!

HLDJ successfully loaded!
Quick-Start Guide:
1 ) enter 'la' to display the audio list.
2 ) enter the number of the file to load.
3 ) press the F1 key to start/stop audio.

Basic Commands:
hldjn, hldjp, hldjr - loads the next/previous/random audio file.
hldjca, hldjcd - displays the current audio file/directory in console and on-screen.
hldjsca, hldjstca - displays the current audio file in public/team chat.
hldjsq, hldjqa - stops HLDJ and quits the current game/quits both.

[enter 'hldj1' for more commands/help]
[enter 'hldj' to display this guid]

And that's All. I put te comand "la", but nothing happens. I have the last version, and Windows 7 32bits. I need it to play CS 1.6. I tried it Offline, and the console works okey, but when i activate it in a game, i can't hear the song i put. Online (with the injected opened), i the command "la" don't works
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Re: I cant use the HLDJ

Postby Renegade » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:13 pm

check for hldj_listaudio.cfg in your game directory.
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