No Music Playing. Did I do something wrong?

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No Music Playing. Did I do something wrong?

Postby The Phoenix Overlord » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:11 pm

Hey guys, I just downloaded HLDJ about three days ago. I wanted to play some music when I visited my usual servers, but there's something wrong on my part. Every time I join a server, I type "la" in the console, press the button of the number for the song I want to play, it states that the song is ready to be played, I resume the game, push the activation key (in my case "p"), and there's no audio, it only records what's going on through my mic, like when I'm talking and such. Is there a problem due to an update in the Source games, or did I just do something wrong when I was setting it up, or is it server side? :?
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