Counter-Strike 1.6 error

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Counter-Strike 1.6 error

Postby Matyi10012 » Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:23 am

If I start HLDJ and when I press the play button (k) the sound starts. But very deep and it's like moaning or humming.

I used HLDJ audio converter to convert mp3 files to wav.

1) Does HLDJ launch the game correctly for you?

2) Does "HLDJ Loaded Successfully" appear in console on starting the game (with no errors)?

3) What is the console output after selecting a song, or issuing other HLDJ commands such as "hldj_next"?
hldj_cmd_b.cfg successfully created!
"=" = "Loaded--borat_-_kazakhstan_national_anthem_-_YouTub

4) Create your own local server and set the appropriate sv_ commands (see above), then:
4-a) Load one of the sample audio files and perform a search of your Steam directory (without stopping HLDJ) for the file "voice_input.wav" - does it show up, and if so, where?

4-b) If it exists, open it in an audio player: does it sound like the audio file you loaded?

4-c) If it exists, return to the game, and enter the following into console:

Does the audio file start to play?
5) Does voice normally work for you? If not, or you do not have a microphone, have you remembered to set up any applicable options in your operating system and/or the game?
No. Very deep sound like moaning or humming.

Video from in game (showing the problem): ...
Original sound (the voice input file is same as this):
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Re: Counter-Strike 1.6 error

Postby Renegade » Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:53 pm

Read this before posting in this section wrote:One of the most commonly reported issues is improper conversion of audio files*, so if you suspect this or are unsure, please verify this by testing with one of the sample audio files (preferably on your own server). For Source games, use those listed under Source; for older Half-Life games, use those under GoldSrc (and test on a server that is using high-quality voice settings, in console: "sv_voicecodec voice_speex" and "sv_voicequality 5").
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